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Introduction and prologue: -

Since time eternal man has always tried to make his surroundings more and more beautiful. In this endeavor, colour plays a very important role. Colour, a coating on any surface, is a major factor for distinguishing and beautifying. Previously man used natural colours and decorated his surroundings himself. Soon colour became a major industry, as preference of coatings manufactured by professionals increased.

As time passed and man advanced scientifically & technologically, features such as life, colour strength and quality in paints became very important. These requirements caused the use of many chemicals in the coating industry. Many of these chemicals were harmful to nature. Man`s lack of understanding of nature`s complex process made nature turn against him. Man is no match against the force of nature, but man can use nature peacefully. If not it is very easy for nature to destroy not only the human race, but also all the life forms on earth.

We at R. NAGARDAS & CO. have always believed that a happy nature means a long, happy and prosperous human existence. So we are very careful about the products we supply. Most of our products, organic or inorganic, are not harmful to man or nature. We also take care to see that most of the companies we are associated with are eco-friendly. We also continuously urge both our suppliers and consumers to be eco-friendly in their operations and end-products, while remaining cost effective.

We have constantly strived to supply good quality products at reasonable rates and also offer prompt and friendly services. We strongly believe that our faith in quality, reasonableness and excellent services are the reasons for R. NAGARDAS & CO. being a name reckoned in the annals of many leading coating manufacturers. Today we are proud to be associated with numerous large, medium and small-scale coating manufacturers in India as well as Europe, U.K, Germany, U.S.A., Belgium, The Netherlands, The United Arab Emirates, South Africa, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

Some of the industries we cater to are as follows: -

1. Paints. Asian Paints, Goodlass Nerolac, Berger Paints, ICI
2. Printing Inks. Hindustan Inks, Camlin, United Inks.
3. Powder Coatings. Asian PPG, BASF, Akzo Nobel, Hardcastle, etc.
4. Plastics. Jasch Inds.
5. Speciality Coatings. MRF, Marigold,
6. Other industries. Nail Polish, Perfumes, Lipstock, Carbon Papers etc.


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